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Carson Henley

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Seattle singer-songwriter Carson Henley, a classically trained (Suzuki) piano player from age 3, was taught to appreciate timeless music. This excluded commercial radio, since Carson’s mother (a professional singer) and his record-collecting father did not allow the "offensive lyrics" of the day in their home.

So Carson and his sisters grew up listening to the classics, educating themselves on Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Marvin Gaye and many others.

And though Carson’s sound confirms those rich, soulful roots, his gritty vocals and tight, modern production on his new album, 100 Hours, is anything but old school.


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The 100 Hour Project

Imagine giving yourself the next 100 hours of your life to either make or break a dream forever. That is exactly what struggling Seattle musician Carson Henley did in a project he hopes will dissolve his writer’s block and change the direction his career is heading: toward a lifetime of low paying bar gigs.

Spending every dollar he had, Carson hired a Grammy award winning producer and sat down to write an entire album in the studio from scratch. Oh yah, and he invited a camera crew to witness every roadblock along the way.

Starring: Carson Henley, Allen Stone, Tess Henley, Kory Kruckenberg, Spencer Doren, James McAlister, James Redfern and more.

Will his music inspire millions? Will his efforts be in vain? Only time will tell.

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Carson Henley - Wake Me Up (Avicii Cover)


Download now:

Carson Henley - Fire

Album: 100 HOURS

(Source: / CarsonHenley)

Carson Henley - “Wake Me Up” by Avicii - OFFICIAL VIDEO (Cover)

Download now:

Audio Produced by Carson Henley and David Thomson
Recorded and Mixed by David Thomson @ Soul Sound Audio -

Video Shot and Edited by: Tess Henley
Production Assistant: Ethan Garbers


Carson Henley - Fire (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for “Fire” from Carson Henley’s new album “100 Hours”

Download now:


Carson Henley - Fly Away - Live From the Showbox Market

Download here